3D eyebrows are the latest technique within the permanent makeup industry.  Hairlike strokes are strategically placed within the dermal layer of skin and provide the appearance of natural eyebrow hair.


The 3D eyebrow technique is especially beneficial for those who have no natural eyebrow hair at all, or for those who have empty or sparse areas within their natural brows, 3D eyebrows can either create, thicken or darken existing eyebrows to make them more apparent.

Kristin uses only single-use individual disposable sterile needles to create the 3D hairstrokes after the areas to be treated are numbed our approved topical anesthetics in order to create a safe and comfortable experience for you.


Only the finest permanent makeup products and pigments are used, nothing shore the best available on the market today.  There is no bleeding during the procedure and as a result, very minimal or no noticeable swelling afterwards.


Your appointment will take approximately 2 hours, in and out the door.  You will be provided with after-care ointment and written instructions.   You'll notice the treated area will begin to soften or lighten up within the first two weeks and it is recommended to return for a touch-up appointment approximately 6-12 weeks following your initial appointment.


Keep in mind that the 3D eyebrow technique will require refresher/color boosts approximately every 1.5 to 2 years in order to maintain a fresh and natural appearance.  If not color refreshed on a timely basis, the hairstrokes begin to fade and become less defined, and give the appearance of a more soft powdered filled eyebrow look.


Overall, the 3D eyebrow technique gently enhances your natural features and will provide you with the confidence in knowing your eyebrows are looking their best!